Successful PoC in the field of CXA

New direction with CXA PoC

Serrala CRM offers its customers a ready-to-use version of the IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics (WCXA) product. Our service includes an agile implementation, with which our customers can individually and efficiently evaluate the product benefit for their company.

As part of a proof of concept (PoC), we were able to show our customer the added value of the WCXA modules Tealeaf and Digital Analytics within one month. The PoC included the integration of Tealeaf and Digital Analytics into the client's website and smartphone apps and the implementation of a total of ten use cases that would challenge WCXA's added value.

In the first step of the integration, a privacy concept is always necessary - as here too. It describes which data may be collected and stored by visitors in which manner in accordance with the Directive. The subsequent technical implementation was quickly completed with the inclusion of two libraries and the insertion of three lines of code. For this purpose, the Google Tag Manager was used in this case, since this was already in use.

With the technical integration, visitor data immediately flowed into WCXA and we started the implementation of the ten defined use cases. These included

  • Service enhancements by enabling the call center agents to replay of visitor sessions
  • 100% data extraction for the use of visitor data in your own data warehouse
  • automatic struggle detection incl. customized extensions
  • an alert for too few new registrations
  • and a notification of other software solutions in real-time as soon as a visitor has reached a certain milestone - eg. B. Multiple visitor-sided abort of the registration process.

As a result, all use cases could be implemented to full satisfaction. In addition, according to customer statements, the PoC has already provided valuable additional insights into the use of its own digital offering, which was not possible with the analysis solutions used to date. In all use cases, WCXA impressively and clearly demonstrated to add value to our customers business.