Serrala co-author of the Bitkom basic publication "Digital Analytics & Optimization"

Whether website, online shop, newsletter or mobile app - almost every company today has to communicate with customers or potential customers via digital channels. But which products are clicked on? Why do some customers not complete the payment process? On which pages does the customer have struggles. Data that could provide answers to these questions and should form the basis for business decisions are often not recorded at all, especially in small and medium-sized companies - because the necessary know-how is lacking. Serrala offers the required expertise to address these questions and has therefore decided to participate with a practical example in a publication of the digital association Bitkom. The publication is a practical aid and has the title: "Digital Analytics & Optimization - efficiently designing and optimizing digital user experiences".

The 100-page publication first provides an overview of what Digital Analytics & Optimization is all about and how companies can determine what level of maturity they have already reached when using it. Building on this, it explains how goals and trade show points are defined and how the necessary data is collected in practice. In the following chapters, data processing and the enrichment of data from other IT systems in the company as well as a suitable presentation of the results for reporting are described before the right measures for optimization are taken. Using three practical examples, one of which is from Serrala, these individual steps are presented once again. A separate chapter deals with how personal data is to be treated in terms of data protection law.

The basic publication "Digital Analytics & Optimization – efficiently designing and optimizing digital user experiences“ is available for free download at: