Would you like to turn loyal customers into passionate ambassadors for your product? Would you like to gain a better knowledge of your customers’ needs and increase their satisfaction even further? For such ambitions, quantitative information on your customers (i. e. how many potential customers leave my website without completing their order?) does not suffice any longer. Much rather, you need to gain qualitative insights (i. e. why do potential customers leave my website?). This will enhance your capacity to accompany your clients on their customer journey.

On your way to greater customer satisfaction, we assist you with the deployment of CEM software which will empower you to gain qualitative insights. More specifically, any and all communication between visitor and server is recorded and can subsequently be traced by you. Thus you can closely track your customers’ experience and uncover potential sources of error. Besides this you will be supported by alerts which monitor your website with regard to irregularities, e. g. an increase in incomplete order processes. Upon detection, such events can be analyzed even further.

Serrala offers assistance on the basis of IBM Software Suite Tealeaf which supplies you with a comprehensive range of utilities for efficient customer experience management.