Service Offering

You have heard about the one-of-a-kind analytics capabilities that Acoustic Analytics can bring to your website and mobile apps? No need to just trust the sales pitch’s slides. With your own eyes, see the full power and beauty of web- and experience analytics coming alive in a new way. It’s not a demo, it’s reflecting your business! The Serrala Customer Experience (CX) Analytics PoC Offering lets you define three of your most demanding analytics needs as use cases and we solve them for you with real data from your site. Prooving, that Acoustic Analytics has a significant value add to your business. 

Inspiring Use-Case Ideas

  • Process Insights
  • Struggle Tracing mit Session Replay
  • Automated Struggle Detection
  • Integrationsszenarien
  • Page Heat-Map Analyse (Klicks / Scrolls)
  • Proaktives Alerting
  • Kundensegmentierung über Verhalten
  • KPI Anomaly Detection


Your input is especially needed to define user data, that should not be captured for privacy reasons. Serrala will take care of the platform and all technical implementation and support you wherever needed. This offer is designed for you, to get the most desired insights with minimum effort.

In 3 to 6 weeks you can have an insight into the findings of your individual Use Cases.

Use the contact form to receive additional information about the Acoustic Analytics Proof of Concept