Change management is our core competence! We have assisted, managed and implemented the integration of marketing and CRM systems in numerous projects. We always adjust the extent of our support to the needs and capacities of our clients.

It is our goal to optimize the holistic cross-channel approach, from planning and implementation to management of any and all processes. We do not see ourselves as supplier, but much rather as partner. On the basis of many years of experience in project management, we can guarantee risk minimization and efficient leadership during the realization of your project. We have proven our elaborate methods in multinational teams including external service providers – across various business structures.

Besides assuring high quality in system integration, staying within budget and time constraints is a primary task for project management. Successful cooperation is contingent on communication and straightforwardness as well as on tested, standardized courses of action. Continuous status assessments and regular auditing and reporting processes are matters of course.


During the conceptualization phase, we differentiate between subject-specific and technical planning. For technical planning, the design and dimensions of infrastructure take center stage.

A major concern of subject-specific conceptualization comprises the definition of future processes. Thereby it is also paramount to take external interfaces into account. During conceptualization, some light is already shed on how you would like to engage your current and prospective customers in a dialog. Questions from the evaluation phase further elucidate this:

  • Which subject-specific resources partake in the business process? Which roles and rights distribution does that entail?
  • What benefits will the customer derive from the changes made?
  • Which contact channels (inbound and outbound) would you like to make use of in order to engage your customers in a dialog, and how to integrate these?
  • Which type of reporting is necessary to satisfy your demands for information?


Quality and time effort are substantially determined by experience in implementation. Ever since 2004, we have been carrying out integration projects with respect to CRM systems for a variety of international businesses. At a basic level, individual technical and functional requirements are given. The relevant application is installed at first and integrated into the existing infrastructure. Subsequent to this standard procedure, the actual adaptations are made to the components.

Our competencies also encompass the performance optimization of access and of CRM system deployment. We have extensive know-how in dealing with the common database systems of our customers, such as Oracle, DB2, SQL servers, Sybase, SAS and Terradata. Integration of and linkages between the different system components often necessitate interfaces in the form of scripts or programs. Email alerts, generic data transmissions and the start-up of downstream measures pose examples for such interfaces.

Since our employees also work in programming and software development, Serrala can realize very specific programming and interface requirements.

System and Integration Tests

Tests aim to validate existing components with respect to the pre-defined conceptualization and to ensure the quality of the delivered system.

During the test phase, system as well as integration tests need to be carried out. While a system test only targets the installation and adaptation of CRM system modules, an integration test also includes linkages and interactions between all interface components. The generation of test cases, the definition of test procedures and their execution present major tasks of the test phase. More specifically, if the introduction of a CRM system module only constitutes part of a more comprehensive project, test designs need to be closely scrutinized. If, for instance, a new database is being developed as part of the CRM project, emerging dependencies must be assessed in more detail.

For support with testing procedures and incident management, we rely on proven tools which can be integrated into any given project without much effort.

Product Introduction/Training

The implementation of a previously compiled development or test system in the targeted environment constitutes a primary goal for the product introduction phase. During product introduction, we compose the necessary documentation, e. g. operating and security concepts.

Production environments are often administrated by employees or departments, who will take on new responsibilities. That is why training of versed users and of IT maintenance teams can form elements of this phase. With respect to your systems, we create individual training schemes and provide training to you or support you with your own internal training plan.

Production Support

We continue to provide guidance after product introduction and lend support for the technical as well as the subject-specific application of your systems. Especially during initial stages, questions and difficulties are prone to accumulate. On site, or alternatively via remote access, we can put individual support schemes into effect. It is crucial to present a convincing case to all involved colleagues as to the utility of the newly designed processes or IT systems. A high level of acceptance among employees is an important factor on your way to success.

We not only aim to deliver a functioning system to you but also to be a competent and helpful partner to consult on the realization of the goals you have defined for yourself.