Constantly growing amounts of data offer a variety of opportunities, but at the same time to face the flood of information is a challenge. By using appropriate methods and tools, we work together with you to transform Big Data into Smart Data to generate  insights for your business success.

With our help, you can always keep an eye on the development of business-critical key figures, carry out analyzes yourself, forecast future developments and make previously undiscovered connections clear. Quantitative and qualitative behavioral analysis of the use of your digital channels are required to understand and optimize the customer experience.

We support you by building an specific solution architecture, covering the areas of Business Intelligence and Reporting, Data Science and Digital Customer Experience Analytics.


Data Science

Gain insights from your data and generate decision-relevant insights

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Learn more about dashboards and self-service analytics opportunities


Digital Customer Experience Analytics

Understand everything about using your digital channels like website and apps

Data Science


With the increasing digitization of all processes - even those without an IT focus - more and more data is available for analysis in your company. However, this also involves the challenge of using the full potential of this data profitably. With our expertise in data science you have access to the latest and best methods and solutions to get the most out of your data.

The field of data science includes methods from the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. We not only discover previously unknown patterns in your data for you. We also advise you on using the insights you have gained to optimize your processes and how to use predictive analytics to predict future process flows. A manual analysis by our experts is usually the starting point in the data mining process. Our solutions extend to the 100% automation of all process steps such as data preparation, model training, and application of insights such as: For example for prediction.

With our methodological competence we guide you to the bais of your data which can be structured as well as semi-structured or unstructured data. Text / Excel files, data warehouses and external data sources can be analyzed in the same way as an Internet of Things (IoT) setting in a complex network of continuous data streams.

For many analysis steps, IBM Watson Studio (cloud and desktop) solutions, SAS Enterprise Miner, and RapidMiner provide essential support. These are combined with automation solutions such as Automic and the right data processing solution for your data scenario, such as Apache Storm or Kafka for data streams.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) and reporting helps you to maintain an overview of your current business processes at all times and to be able to take countermeasures in the event of negative developments at an early stage. For this purpose, we analyze the data basis together with you and define relevant key performance indicators (KPIs). These are clearly displayed in dashboards using state-of-the-art visualization methods and automatically updated. The presentation via a web portal or in an e-mail can be done both in a desktop application as well as on your mobile device.

Based on this knowledge, you can use the appropriate tools to perform even more in-depth evaluations, such as time series analyzes, filters for specific characteristics or detailed analyzes. Likewise, benchmarking and an automated target group distribution or the development of a sales application are possible in which each employee only receives the data relevant to his business area through granular access protection.

We use tools such as SAS Enterprise Guide for data preparation and IBM Cognos Analytics, Tableau or Qlik for displaying and analyzing the results.

Digital Customer Experience Analytics


Via your digital channels, such as websites or smartphone apps, you can reach your customers around the clock. However, how visitors use their digital channels and what experiences they make remains mostly as hidden as the intention with which visitors use their offer and whether they find what they are looking for.

With us you close this gap and can follow the individual digital customer journey to every single user. Problems experienced by users as they make their way through offers can be identified and eliminated.

For this task, the cloud solution Acoustic Analytics is used. In addition to a classic tagging-based tracking module Digital Analytics (formerly Coremetrics), the solution with the Tealeaf module also includes the ability to record the exact representation of your digital offer on the user side. Thus, the individual use of your digital channels can be reproduced and automatically analyzed for each visitor. Each view and interaction (eg, click, scroll, touch gestures) is captured. In the Journey Analytics module, all individually recorded digital touchpoint paths can then be aggregated into top journeys across all users. A simple export function ensures the usability of data and user segments close to real-time in other solutions or in your own data warehouse.

Serrala offers you a ready-to-go solution. Learn how Acoustic Analytics works with your digital presence with minimal effort and get to know completely new analytical perspectives.