We are your partner in building new analytics and customer engagement solutions and technologies. In the desired scope, we accompany you throughout the entire project, from the concept phase, solution implementation and customization to testing, production introduction and project management. As part of a proof of concept (PoC), we are happy to demonstrate the capabilities of our solutions. We develop and present solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements and provide the necessary infrastructures for all test installations.

If you already use analytics or marketing solutions in your company, we support you with qualified and certified personnel to implement new functional or technical improvements. With Health-Checks we create short analyzes of your deployed solutions, discover optimization potentials regarding the used infrastructure, the interfaces and the use of the individual components.

Our consulting team also provides the services on site in their company.

As a provider of managed services, we also provide you with ready-to-use and quickly deployable solutions, either managed by  yourself or by us. Operating hours and SLAs are tailored to your personal needs.

Our expertise

For more than 15 years, we have specialized in the building of individual solutions in the areas of analytics and customer engagement. As complex as your requirements are, we fit our solutions, ranging from strategy consulting and project management to technical consulting, integration of leading software solutions to the operation of these solutions and a managed service offering.

We also provide you with the necessary software components and licenses from a single source. With individual training and know-how transfer, we ensure that you can use the solutions quickly and efficiently

To achieve the highest quality standards, our internal processes are of course standardized, documented and ISO 9001 certified.

Our solutions and managed service offerings are based on the products of our vendor partners HCL and Acoustic

Unica from HCL


Orchestration of personalized marketing communications across all channels. An integral part of this is a central contact and response history as well as offer management.


Interact allows marketers to personalize in real-time the experience of customers interacting with websites, call centers and other real-time channels such as SMS and email. A decision engine is used to generate offers in real time based on historical data and current customer interactions. Self-learning optimizes the presentation of the offer.


Marketing resource management solution, for the collaborative management of marketing plans, projects / campaigns, creative elements, resources, teams and approvals.


Decision engine to optimize marketing communications across all campaigns. Centralized rules for capacity and  frequency management are taken into account.


Campaign is an AI-powered, SaaS-based digital marketing platform that puts the power of data insights in the hands of the marketer to design more effective campaigns that exceed customer expectations. Use behavioral data from any source to create consistent campaigns across email, web, mobile push, SMS, social, group messaging and more. Best of all, leverage Marketing Assistant to work smarter and faster.


Analytics is a bundle of distinct products that helps marketers make smarter customer experience decisions based on insights into behavior across touch points and channels. Only Acoustic gives you clarity into end-to-end journeys and their effectiveness while also giving you the ability to visualize the actual customer experience occurring across your digital channels. This macro-to-micro view gives you both the “what” and the “why” behind performance. 

Experience Analytics

The world’s most trusted behavioral analytics engine helps businesses create a digital presence that engages customers and keeps them coming back. Experience Analytics is an AI-powered behavioral analytics product that helps marketers and application owners create a digital world customers can’t wait to use.


Content is a cloud-based content management system (CMS) that leverages AI services to help marketers build engaging digital experiences quickly and easily across all channels, applications and embedded devices. The intuitive UI enables marketers to quickly make updates to content and websites. Powerful APIs let developers place content wherever needed to provide a consistent brand experience.


Exchange helps marketers connect customer identities across their marketing platforms in order to better understand individual customers in context based on cross-channel behaviors. Using an intuitive user interface, marketers can share customer events and audiences across their technology solutions.