Serrala extends Acoustic Campaign with Direct Mailing functionality

Acoustic Campaign is an AI-supported, SaaS-based platform for digital marketing. Behavioral data from various sources can be used to trigger targeted communications with the customer via email, mobile push, SMS or social media. 

Many of our customers expect a marketing automation solution that is not limited to digital channels but also offers the capability to send direct mails. Even in times of digital transformation, direct mails continue to be a very effective channel with high conversion rates. 

Acoustic Post

Serrala has developed an interface that allows all Acoustic Campaign customers to integrate direct mails into the Customer Journey and to orchestrate them using an integrated solution. You don't have to plan the mailings with a service provider in a complicated and time-consuming way and possibly accept considerable delays. With the Print-Mailing Automation Service  of Deutsche Post, we have connected a unique solution for the dispatch of direct mails.

You create the layout and personalization of your mailing directly in the Print-Mailing Automation user interface. Once created, they can then be used from Acoustic Campaign for standard selections or behavior driven (in Automated Programs). It doesn't matter if you run only a few or thousands of mailings per day.You pay according to consumption, retroactively the actually sent mailings of the previous month.

The necessary configuration in Campaign can be done by yourself. No specialists or complex programming is necessary. Existing databases can be used in Acoustic Campaign, which can be easily extended.

Targeting of existing customers at the right time with fully individual mailings by post.