Serrala offers solutions and managed services in the area of marketing automation and marketing resource management in a long-standing partnership with HCL (formerly IBM).

Unica Campaign

Orchestration of personalized marketing communications across all channels. An integral part of this is a central contact and response history as well as offer management.

Unica Interact

Interact allows marketers to personalize in real-time the experience of customers interacting with websites, call centers and other real-time channels such as SMS and email. A decision engine is used to generate offers in real time based on historical data and current customer interactions. Self-learning optimizes the presentation of the offer.

Unica Plan

Marketing resource management solution, for the collaborative management of marketing plans, projects / campaigns, creative elements, resources, teams and approvals.

Unica Optimize

Decision engine to optimize marketing communications across all campaigns. Centralized rules for capacity and  frequency management are taken into account.