In this time and age, database marketing departments need to be able to meet demands for omni-channel client contact management. Serrala provides you with tools so that you can adapt the well-known formula "target group + channel + timing = success" to your business.

  • target group. In the formula for successful marketing, target group defines that segment which has been identified as a set of customers to be contacted on the basis of analyses and market research.
  • channel. The channel determines the ways in which customer contact is made. We recommend that planning should consider a mix of inbound and outbound, online and offline channels.
  • timing. Today, the ideal point in time for customer contact can be determined in real-time by intelligent algorithms or rule-based pattern recognition.

With the assistance of user-friendly tools you will leave the limitations of excel behind and begin to work on the respective phases of the marketing circle with swiftness and flexibility. We offer enterprise marketing solutions which you can run as part of your own IT infrastructure or as hosted cloud environments. 


Embrace the ideas behind omni-channeling and benefit from:

  • increases in client loyalty and an enhancement of your reputation
  • an edge over your competition
  • an upswing of new customers
  • a rise in cross-sells and upsells to your customer base
  • steady improvements to existing products and greater market knowledge from market research

We will assist you in the integration of IT applications into your existing infrastructure. We derive extensive knowledge and goal-oriented strategies from our years of experience. From conceptualization via implementation and system testing all the way to a complete product launch, we are a reliable partner to consult – guaranteed.

Enterprise Marketing

There are respective base applications to the enterprise marketing platforms of IBM and SAS which can be expanded by various software modules. This is how you can adapt retail software to your own needs, reduce complexity, and attain both process optimization and cutbacks in time spent.

IBM Cross-Channel Marketing Optimization (formerly known as Unica) is an interactive marketing solution for personalized customer contact and operative campaign management. With individual components you will achieve:

  • cross-channel campaign management (inbound and outbound)
  • personalized online customer interaction in real-time
  • rule-based contact optimization
  • lead management

The Customer Intelligence Studio by SAS is a comfortable self-service solution for database marketing. As the core of your CRM operations, it supports all common database systems. Your campaigns will become profitable by way of integrated profit optimization through marketing optimization.

Cloud Marketing – Software as a Service

Cloud Computing, i. e. Software as a Service (SaaS), already exerts a big influence on technological changes to business infrastructures. It will alter them tremendously in the near future. Outsourcing of hard- and software infrastructures and of in-house services maintenance staff can especially bring about significant savings for businesses. Results include a customized infrastructure at reduced cost – more for less.

At Serrala, Cloud Marketing as a subset of SaaS comprises the outsourcing of server-based marketing tools. Serrala acts as a service provider for the implementation of your marketing software and as a consulting partner for questions arising from daily use by your team. All the while, Serrala guarantees constant access via secure connections, storage in accordance with current data protection laws, as well as the effectuation of all technical and organizational requirements. Your employees can set out on marketing campaigns directly and your IT will not be overstretched.

Cloud Marketing means everybody does what they do best. You concern yourself with advertising and marketing your products, and we take care of the technical implementation of your custom cloud solutions. Get more information about our SaaS solutions or contact us via our contact form.